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How to play Paperio.Space?

Its very easy use keyboard arrow keys

Create your own land, and protect your place, you will see statistics at the end of the game...

Paperio Tips and Secrets

Paper io

is a bright and colorful version of the game that can give you a lot of positive experiences, but the version of paper io hacking will make it even cooler. Its main purpose is to capture as much territory as possible. A colored trail stretches behind your character, the whole territory behind you is colored, it sounds incomprehensible, but in reality, it is simple. In paper io , hacking boasts cute painted graphics. The control in the game is two-button, specially adapted to different, touchscreens.
The game interface is also conveniently made, the menu is clear and there are no unnecessary elements. The game is distributed absolutely free, you can install it on your device and play it anywhere at any time. Become the king of the map, taking over the entire territory without leaving your opponents with the slightest chance.
Having launched paper io for the first time, the game will offer to choose one of the modes, only two of them. The first is a company, in which you will fight against artificial intelligence by performing certain tasks. Computer dummies are not very smart and smart, so it's easy to fight against them. The company's main task is to teach you how to operate and introduce you to game mechanics. Once you have mastered this, welcome to the second mode; multiplayer. There, real players will fight against you, and it is much harder to beat them. In paper io cheats can help you get a small advantage. By using cheats in paper io you can get endless energy, which in the game shop can change into characters. They are different here; each has its own specific differences.
As soon as your character comes out in first place, a crown appears on his head. It gives you some advantage, namely that you cannot be killed the first time, which is basically not bad. Hacking into your head will not help you break out, but with the energy you get, you can buy a character who betrays himself for real money, he has a higher speed, thus giving you a small advantage over other opponents. Hacking into paper io can also help you get into the leaders' table, for which an overall calculation of the energy earned is made. It can also help you to forget about financial problems, in this version there will be no financial problems, because you will have an endless supply of money, which will allow you to buy any things in the shop.
paper io Cheats are Promo Codes that you can use in Android and iOS games, even without Root and without Jailbreak. Please note that these Cheats Codes only work with original games. To crack paper io , your game must be downloaded from the App Store (if it is iOS) or Google Play (if it is Android).
If you are new to the use of Cheats Codes for Android and iOS games, you will definitely need instructions for Cheats. We have created the easiest and easiest instruction on how to enter Cheat Codes into the game paper io .
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